Corporate Sponsorship


Season Super Sponsor

Full Season of Promotion 

Our largest and most comprehensive

package available, giving your company darn near exclusive rights to all regular season sponsorship opportunities. 



Grand Slam

Full Season of Promotion 

The Denver Browns will be your vehicle to promote everything about your business in 2021



The Homerun

Full Season of Promotion 

Mix and match from our sponsorship buffet below and receive %25 off




End of Season (evergreen)

Sponsor our MVP of the 2021 season, your organization will go down in Denver Browns' history



Cal Ripken &

Cy Young Award 

End of Season (evergreen)

Another opportunity for history making and appearing on all our social media by sponsoring the iron horse of 2021 and/or the Browns' best pitcher of 2021

*$300 each



Slugger Award

End of Season (evergreen)

Give the 2021 player with the highest .OPS $400 along with notoriety of your company



XL Backstop Banner 

Get attention! Physical banners at games are a great way to show support $1000

Large Backstop Banner 

Seen by each teams fans, family and players $750

Medium Backstop 


Support the team! 

A medium banner still hits hard $500

Click thru banner ad on website $500

Have your website featured on our homepage

Ad on our Social Media Pages

One time ad on all our pages which lasts a lifetime $200

Kid's Music Sponsor

Your organization will be mentioned on Facebook Live and social media as sponsoring our youth musicians that play live at every game $100

Logo on Team Hat

Exclusivity Availability 


T-Shirt Sponsor

Your company logo on the back of our annual champ 

t-shirt. $1000

Foul Ball Sponsor


Your organization will be mentioned on our live feed for a minimum of one foul ball an inning $100

Jersey Sponsorship

Your logo will be on our jersey which means endless exposure. $3000

Official Game Sponsor

Your name will be featured in all promotional material leading up to, along with the day of the game $100

Game Score Card

Add your name to the weekly Denver Browns score card (seen by all fans) $50

Small Backstop Banner

Be noticed at EVERY GAME $300

Inning Sponsorship

Your organization will be mentioned as an inning sponsor on Facebook Live


Post Game Article

Weekly re-cap posted on all social media brought to the fans by your company $100


Have your company name tied to 1 game's photo gallery displayed on Facebook $100

7th Inning Stretch

Help get our fan's kinks out with sponsoring "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" on Facebook Live $30

Manager's Corner

Sponsor our post-game interview with our manager seen by all on Facebook Live $25

Senior Living Book Signing 

Sponsor Baseball In Denver book talk at a local senior living facility $100

Senior Chair Yoga  

Sponsor a yoga class at a senior living facility which will be highlighted on our social media accounts $100

Weekly Stats

The weekly stats will be brought to our fans by your company (posted on Facebook) $100

High School Baseball Talk 

Sponsor Baseball in Denver book talk at a local high school $100

Browns' Bash Wiffle Ball Tourney

Have your organization sponsor the yearly event (t-shirt branding opportunity) $100

*space for 10 sponsors

Create Your Own

Did we leave something out?  Be creative and pitch us an idea, we love and honor creativity!

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